Coron Busuanga

Coron Busuanga is located in the Philippines. Coron is actually a small town on Busuanga, where Busuanga is a municipality on the province of Palawan. Mountainous views are already visible while still in the plane on your way to the airport of Busuanga. On your way to Coron, same scenario is observed. Coron is famous for it's beaches, islands, inlets, lakes, mountains and almost anything virtually that falls into this category.

Welcome to Coron Busuanga, Palawan

Explore Coron Town Proper

Lovely view of Mt. Tapyas with the Giant Cross on top

Pamper your tired muscles with the warmth of Maquinit Hotspring

Popular names of tourist spots are as follows, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Banana Island, Sangat Island, North Cay Island, Pamalican, Calauit Wildlife.

Magnificent view of Coron's most famous tourist spot, Kayangan Lake

Ravishing view of Barracuda Lake

Enjoy the fine sands of Banana Island

Calauit Wildlife Santuary | Calauit Safari, Coron Palawan

Stunning beach of Malcapuya Island

Coron is also known for it's wreck diving sites, it has been one of the A list for the diving spots over the world. Ship wrecks were a result of an US navy assault on fleet of Japanese ships which from early times roam the coasts of Coron.

Coron's skeleton shipwreck

Most of the islands and beaches has been awarded by the governement to the tribes who were said to be the first inhabitants of the land. Like for the Tagbanuas who is believed to migrate to Coron Philippines some 5000 years ago. Kayangan Lake, which is now maintained for cleanliness and maintenance by the Tagbanuas. This authorization of land helped their overall economic needs in terms of revenues from tourists. Some known sites like the Siete Picados is maintained by the government of Coron Palawan.

Enjoy snorkeling at Kayangan Lake

Enjoy snorkelling while gazing the life under these clear waters 
of Coron. Perfect spot for diving as well at Siete Picados

Rich marine life of Coron Sea

The scenic beauties of the beach, corals, limestone cliffs, rock formations, wildlife and marine life flourish the blessed island and city of Coron. Enjoy your stay may it be your family, friends or colleagues at Coron!

One of the limestone cliffs formation at Siete picados coron
Limestone formations at coron

Coron picture of two rock formations sitting together


maria teresa Ganiron

Coron is beautiful, the lodging we choose is good and the food during the tour is good & the airport transfer is just fair. But the honesty of the Bangkero & the tour guide is a big shame to the Filipino's,obviously they were marking up the entrance fee's to those island,lakes, lagoons & place we visited somebody from those island we visited told me that they don't increase their entrance fee to P100/200 they usually collected P50/head. I also saw the tour guide getting my wallet inside my towel while we were enjoying the water of coron, i confronted him & ask to give back my wallet, and to my surprise he already inserted my wallet to his bag, we've been there (with my japanese husband & daughter) for 4 days 3 nights package under this website the contact person is Brenda & Aaron (where i deposited my down payment under his acct.). we are very hesitant to get into trouble that time since we are just new to the place & controls of the place and our tours are in the hand of the Bangkero & the tour guide, we already entrusted our safety and expecting to enjoy our vacation to Coron with this people. But it turn out that you can't have peace of mind with this people, Please never trust this people again if i were you guys. Go and avail another package to other trusted agency. (FR. Venus my sister)

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